Basic Documents to be Submitted: 

  1. One duly completed and signed  Application Form.                                 ( please fill out on computer, then print and sign) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  2. The original document to be authenticated.
  3. The photocopy of the authentication page issued by the Secretary of State (the page with the signature and seal of the Secretary of State).

4.If the application is submitted by the applicant him/herself, the applicant needs to provide the original and photocopy of his/her valid passport or ID(For Chinese applicants, please provide valid Chinese passport; For American applicants, please provide valid passport or driver’s license; For applicants of other countries, please provide the valid passport).  

  1. If your application is submitted by an agent, please complete Section 2 on the application form and include one copy of the applicant’s valid passport as well as the original and photocopy of the agent’s passport/driver’s license.
  2. Other supporting documents a consular officer may request.